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                          Quality guarantee, high quality and low price
                          Why choose Hongjie?
                          Power source factory, strong production capacity, annual output of 1500 units

                          30000㎡ plant ,5 production bases, more than 50 production equipment, annual production capacity up to 1500;

                          With 13 years of manufacturing experience in CNC machine tools such as machining center, milling machine and grinding machine;

                          Taiwan production process, master core assembly technology.

                          Using high-end configuration and high-grade cast iron casting, the product has been successfully applied in 21 fields

                          The unanimous choice of 3197 customers worldwide;

                          Casting by finite element analysis method computer calculation analysis, reasonable structural strength to ensure the rigidity of machine tools;

                          Product application 21 application fields, such as: medical equipment, aerospace, automotive ships, hardware mold and other industries.

                          Machine tool quality control, strict quality testing

                          Products through ISO9001、SGS and other testing standards certification;

                          Has its own machine tool patent technology, tailored to develop suitable model products;

                          Machine tool quality through Germany imported precision CNC machine tool complete testing instrument inspection.

                          All-weather five-star service always for you, so that you can rest assured, peace of mind, worry

                          7x24 hours online customer service, quick response ,1 to 1 to solve the problem;

                          All major cities in the country have after-sales service team, so that you after-sale worry-free;

                          With more than 50 technical service team, provide technical guidance and answer questions;

                          National Service Hotline :0769-81125209.

                          Dongguan jie precision machinery co., LTD., founded in 2006, is a focus on the production and sales of the practical CNC machining center, spark machine lathe milling machine grinding machine carved machine and other metal abrasive machining equipment manufacturers, the company has a perfect scientific quality management system, production research and development of the multidisciplinary high-level technical personnel, efficient pre-market sale of after-sales service team, after ten years of development..
                          Hongjie machinery company according to the market demand for development direction, has invested a large number of capital talent technology, create new product types, upgrade product lines, improve product quality, more to the quality of the first service first credibility first technical support for the company's development purposes
                          After years of cultivation and accumulation, we have a technical team with rich practical experience and the courage to explore and innovate. We are fully responsible for system integration, mechanical design, software development and other research and development work
                          Professional Manufacturer of CNC Machine Tools
                          Machining Center/Drilling Center/Carving Milling Machine/Milling Machine/Grinding Machine

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